The Antioxidant Myth

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The term "antioxidants" has become a part and parcel of the English language. But what are antioxidants? They seem to be everywhere from the fruits and vegetables we eat, the pills and juices we consume, heck they are even in some of the sodas we drink! They are typically connected with something that is good. Good for our health, keeping us fit from illnesses, maybe even helping us live a bit longer. They are certainly good business and the antioxidant industry has grown to become a healthy $28 billion in the USA alone. However, an antioxidant is not an object in its own right but rather a reaction which is used in the body to fight off the free radicals our bodies produce. It is either produced by the body naturally or ingested by the things we consume.

What would you say if I then told you all the hype around antioxidants is founded on misinformation, would you believe me? Well, I am not asking you to. Instead, I am going to prove it to you with the help of highly qualified professionals in the field of nutrition who have been looking at the hype around antioxidants and some of the gimmicks companies have been using to trick you into a sense of false security. In fact, in some cases, your antioxidant intake can actually damage your health and even promote diseases that could kill you!

Here is just one quote from a paper we have published under the "Studies" section of this website:

"These trials, completed in the mid-1990s, all showed that beta-carotene did not protect against cancer or cardiovascular disease. In one trial, beta-carotene supplements increased the risk of lung cancer in smokers, and in another trial, supplements containing both beta-carotene and vitamin A had the same effect."

On the government's website PubMed, one of the research articles states:

"Dietary antioxidants could act as pro-oxidants, increasing oxidative stress and inducing toxicity".

With these serious questions around the impact that ingesting antioxidants can have on our health, this we call "The Myth", another approach is called for and this includes investigating how we can just activate the natural process our body already has for producing its own antioxidant defense.

Some of the scientific papers we publish on this website are highly technical, so in each case, we have attempted to focus on the "Conclusions" which in most cases is a description most of us can understand. This subject is so fundamental, however, we highly recommend that you investigate further as it is your life and your body. We look forward to your questions and comments and also encourage you to take a look at the page "Order" where we outline what you could do today to resolve this issue.



Colin has always been a strong supporter of the alternative healthcare scene. He believes there are more solutions to today's health problems outside of the pharma industry than within. The so-called health industry has developed into one of the biggest industries in the world that has little to no interest in curing diseases. They focus on treating your illness. He believes the newly emerging science of nutrigenomics is about to change the status quo.

Colin is also a well-known author of a book on Intermittent Fasting. Visit his website explaining all the incredible advantages of this revolutionary way to lose weight and get your body and health in shape.